Writing, Riding and the Horse That Changed It All

By Becky Adler Fagan

When I was a little girl, I used to write short stories and they were usually about horses.  I don’t really remember them vividly but I most likely still have them somewhere, probably in the basement of my parents’ house.  I can see the pages; the script handwriting in pencil on the college ruled notebook paper.  I can even see the light green folder I kept the stories in.  Over time I seemed to get away from writing as life got busier, although the desire to write has always stayed with me.

All these years later, I’ve enjoyed a life full of horses and have been lucky enough to have made it my career.  I’ve ridden hundreds of horses and have had meaningful relationships with a lot of them.  But I never could have imagined that one horse would come along and change the course of my life.  I started riding in a new discipline.  I met many new people, some of whom became lifelong friends.  I changed the way I looked at riding and at my relationship with horses.  When I met Grady, I had no idea that this was what he had in store for me.  I was going to train him and resell him and put a little money away.  Haha.  Grady had other plans….

Grady in February 2007 – The day we met

As I experienced many highs and lows during Grady’s training, I began keeping  a journal about our progress (or lack thereof) and thought it would be fun to put it all together and share with others.  I thought it might resonate with people going through similar situations.  So here it goes…..I’m putting together my passions for horses and writing and have created this blog.  Grady came into my life 12 years ago and we are still learning together every day.  Feel free to follow this blog as I tell stories of the past, update you on the present and move into the future.  I hope you enjoy the journey!

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  1. I’m so excited to read your new blog and share in your journey with the handsome Grady. You interact with horses holistically, and I look forward to hearing more of your insights and experiences with this rewarding dance partner.

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