Grady turned 22!

Hello readers!  For those of you following Grady’s story, I am currently working on my next post.  Thank you for your patience! 

Meanwhile, time marches on and Grady celebrated his 22nd birthday on January 31st

Grady and his birthday balloons

Our relationships with our horses are a constant learning process and I continue to try new things to challenge him and myself. 

My latest endeavor is learning how to rope.  I started with a jump standard and have moved on to a roping dummy whom I have named Stevie the Steer.  I never intend to rope any living thing but I am having fun learning a new skill and it is a wonderful opportunity to add some new desensitization training to Grady’s repertoire.

Grady meets Stevie
Grady and Stevie

Please enjoy this video where Grady shows off how brave he has become.  And stay tuned for the next chapter of the story of how we got to this point. Thanks for reading!